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Advanced Directives

Advance Directive Policy


Cleveland Eye and Laser Surgery Center

All patients have the right to participate in their own health care decisions and to make Advance Directive or to execute a Power of Attorney that authorizes others to make decisions on their behalf based on the patient’s expressed wishes when the patient is unable to make decisions or unable to communicate decisions. Cleveland Eye and Laser Surgery Center respects and upholds those rights.

However, unlike in an acute care hospital setting, the Surgery Center does not routinely perform “high risk” procedures. Most procedures performed in this facility are considered to be of minimal risk. Of course, no surgery is without risk. You will discuss the specifics of your procedure with your physician who can answer your question as to its risks, your expected recovery and care after your surgery.

In the event of a need for resuscitation, the physician will make a decision as to the extent resuscitation will occur based on the patient’s condition, advanced directive, facility capability and the patient’s potential outcome for recovery. The ASC will honor the patient’s advance directives to the highest degree permitted by state law, and to the maximum extent practicable.

The Ohio Department of Health, Ohio Revised Code includes detailed information related to Advance Directive, Do Not Resuscitate Orders and Power of Attorney and can be accessed at

At the time of admission to the Surgery Center, each patient must sign the Advance Directive Notice acknowledging they have read and understand this policy. Signing the Advance Directive Notice does not invalidate any current Health Care Directive or Health Care Power of Attorney.

If a patient does not agree to this policy, their procedure will be rescheduled at another facility.

Surgery Center patients or patient’s representative will be notified in writing prior to date of surgery of Center’s policies regarding advance directive. The physician’s office scheduling the procedure will be responsible for distributing a copy of this written Advance Directive Policy.

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